Global Prop. Funds

Global Proprietary Funds
Global Prop. Funds

Welcome to our exclusive realm of Global Proprietary Funds, where strategic innovation meets market opportunity. At Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. and Global Financial Engineering, Inc., we harness the complex dynamics of the financial markets through specialized funds meticulously tailored for diverse asset classes.

Our Proprietary Funds

Each of our proprietary funds is uniquely structured to exploit specific segments of the market, from the volatility of the forex markets to the innovative edge of digital currencies. Our strategic approach integrates rigorous analysis, sophisticated algorithmic trading, and proactive risk management to ensure optimal performance:

  • Global Forex Dynamics Fund (GFDF): Engages with the forex market to exploit currency fluctuations, leveraging short-term and long-term market movements for maximal gain.
  • Global Commodities Growth Fund (GCGF): Invests in commodities like oil, gold, and agricultural products, utilizing price volatilities to secure profitable outcomes.
  • Global Indices Strategic Fund (GISF): Targets major global indices, applying diversified strategies to benefit from macroeconomic trends and index movements.
  • Global Equity Momentum Fund (GEMF): Focuses on equities, deploying momentum strategies to take advantage of upswings in stock market movements.
  • Global Bond Stability Fund (GBSF): Capitalizes on bond market opportunities, including interest rate fluctuations and credit spread differentials.
  • Global Digital Innovation Fund (GDIF): Aims at digital currencies and blockchain technology, positioned to capitalize on the sectors’ rapid growth and fluid dynamics.


Please note that the Global Prop. Funds are strictly internal funds managed by Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. and Global Financial Engineering, Inc. for strategic proprietary trading. We do not offer these funds to the public, accept external investments, or manage third-party assets. We operate exclusively within the realm of corporate proprietary trading, utilizing our own capital to engage with the markets. As such, we do not provide investment advice or solicit external clients.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to proprietary trading allows us to focus entirely on achieving the best market-driven results without the distractions and conflicts of interest that managing external client assets might entail. This approach ensures that our strategies are agile, our risks are tightly controlled, and our technologies are cutting-edge, all integrated seamlessly to navigate the complexities of global financial markets.

Harnessing In-House Expertise for Market Excellence: Our operations are designed to advance the science of trading through continuous innovation and disciplined risk management. We invite you to explore our insights and learnings as we continue to evolve and refine our trading methodologies in alignment with global financial trends.

By maintaining a clear separation from external client interactions, our team remains singularly focused on internal growth and market performance, paving our own path in the financial world with precision and integrity.

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