Welcome to Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. (GAI) and Global Financial Engineering, Inc. (GFE) Global Knowledge Transfer Hub (GKTH)

Welcome to Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. (GAI) and Global Financial Engineering, Inc. (GFE) Global Knowledge Transfer Hub (GKTH)

Global Knowledge Transfer Hub (GKTH) bridges the worlds of Accountancy, Finance, Investments, Trading, Technology, and Education. Our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible education that supports lifelong learning and professional growth. Initially, our educational resources were intended solely for internal use to support our staff and ensure tailored learning experiences.

For historical perspective, Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. (GAI) initially served as a Global Tuition Provider for Professional Qualifications. However, Dr. Glen Brown envisioned a greater purpose for his selected team, leading to the creation of a “Closed Business Model” that is unique in its approach. This model focuses exclusively on internal development and proprietary trading, avoiding external client dependencies.

Vision Statement

To be the world leader in proprietary trading by consistently achieving superior returns through technological excellence and market insight.

Mission Statement

To optimize financial strategies through innovative proprietary trading, maintaining robust risk management, and advancing the science of market analysis to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. and Global Financial Engineering, Inc. is dedicated to achieving excellence through proprietary trading, driven by advanced analytical strategies and deep market insight. As a leader in financial engineering, our firms operate exclusively within the financial markets, utilizing sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive risk management frameworks to ensure optimal performance. Our commitment to innovation in trading technologies positions us at the cutting edge of the industry, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability without external client dependencies.

A New Guiding Philosophy

Using his guiding philosophy, “We must consume ourselves in order to transform ourselves for our rebirth,” Dr. Glen Brown is on a mission to create a different business model within the very competitive financial industry, one that can withstand the test of time. This innovative approach emphasizes internal growth and resilience, positioning the company to navigate and thrive amidst industry challenges and global shifts.

Developing Future Leaders

Dr. Glen Brown believes in creating young leaders for the future, especially in an era transitioning from re-globalization to de-globalization. By investing in the development of his team, Dr. Brown aims to equip future leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Elevate Your Learning Journey

Our courses are meticulously crafted to support the professional development of our internal team, ensuring they have the in-depth knowledge and practical skills needed for excellence in:

Accounting and Finance

Business and Management


Information Technology

Law and Ethics

Specialized Areas

Knowledge Transfer and Learning Support

At Global Knowledge Transfer Hub (GKTH), our focus is on continuous knowledge transfer and learning support for our internal staff. Our courses are designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in various aspects of our business operations. Staff members can access a wide range of lectures and resources tailored to their needs, ensuring they have the tools and information required to perform at the highest level.

Legal and Ethical Adherence

  • Distinct Identity: Our courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills to support internal staff development and expertise.
  • Clear Disclaimer: Our internal learning resources are recognized as marks of content mastery, not as formal academic degrees.

Risk Disclaimer

Our educational content is intended for informational purposes. Trading and investing come with inherent risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Decisions should be based on personal research and judgment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Tailored recommendations and content delivery based on individual progress.
  • Advanced Analytics: Track and analyze staff performance to provide actionable insights.
  • Comprehensive Support: Courses designed to help staff complete their education with less stress, providing additional tutorials and valuable resources.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular updates and feedback loops ensure content stays relevant.
  • Community Support: Join a community of learners for peer support and networking.

Embark on a Journey of Excellence

Embark on a journey of academic excellence and professional growth with Global Knowledge Transfer Hub. Our courses are here to support our staff every step of the way.

About the President & CEO Dr. Glen Brown

Dr. Glen Brown is the President & CEO of Global Accountancy Institute, Inc., and Global Financial Engineering, Inc. With a Ph.D. in Investments and Finance and over 25 years of experience, Dr. Brown is a seasoned leader in the financial and accounting sectors. His expertise spans financial accounting, management accounting, finance, investments, strategic management, and risk management. Dr. Brown is committed to continuous learning and innovation, shaping the future of finance with cutting-edge solutions and nurturing the next generation of financial professionals.

General Disclaimer

The educational content provided is intended for informational purposes only. Trading and investing involve inherent risks; past performance does not guarantee future results. Decisions should be based on personal research and judgment.

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