Global Financial Assets Fair Value Model (GFAFVM) by Dr. Glen Brown

Global Financial Assets Fair Value Model (GFAFVM) by Dr. Glen Brown


In the complex and dynamic world of financial markets, determining the fair value of assets is a pivotal task for investors, traders, and financial analysts. Dr. Glen Brown’s Global Financial Assets Fair Value Model (GFAFVM) introduces a revolutionary approach to estimating the fair value of financial assets using technical analysis, specifically through the innovative application of color-coded Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) zones. This methodology not only embraces technical analysis principles but also acknowledges the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) to some extent, suggesting that asset prices reflect all available information.

Theoretical Framework

The GFAFVM is built on the foundation of EMA zones, which are categorized into seven distinct zones, each representing a different market state:

  1. Momentum Zone (Lime Green EMAs: EMA 1 to EMA 8)
  2. Acceleration Zone (Medium Sea Green EMAs: EMA 9 to EMA 15)
  3. Transition Zone (Pale Green EMAs: EMA 16 to EMA 25)
  4. Value Zone (Light Gray EMAs: EMA 26 to EMA 50)
  5. Correction Zone (Light Coral EMAs: EMA 51 to EMA 89)
  6. Trend Reassessment Zone (Salmon EMAs: EMA 90 to EMA 140)
  7. Long-term Trend Zone (Brick Red EMAs: EMA 141 to EMA 200)

The heart of the GFAFVM lies in the Value Zone, which is used to determine the fair value of an asset. The model proposes that the fair value of any financial asset can be approximated by applying the color-coded EMA Zones to the monthly timeframe (M43200) and using the lower boundary of the Value Zone as the fair value of the asset.

Application and Methodology

To apply the GFAFVM, one must analyze the monthly timeframe of an asset’s price against the EMA zones. The position of the asset’s current price within or outside these zones, aligned with the market structure and GMACD settings for short, medium, and long-term market sentiments, guides the valuation:

  • Bullish Market Structure: An asset trading below the lower boundary of the Value Zone is considered to be trading at a discount. Conversely, if the price is above the upper boundary of the Value Zone, it is considered to be trading at a premium.
  • Buy Signal: All EMA groups are aligned in ascending order, indicating bullish momentum.
  • Sell Signal: All EMA groups are aligned in descending order, indicating bearish momentum.

The GFAFVM uses the GMACD settings as an additional layer of sentiment analysis, with different settings applied for daily, weekly, and monthly analyses.

Case Study: BTCUSD as of February 24, 2024

The practical application of GFAFVM to BTCUSD demonstrates its effectiveness in real-world scenarios. As of February 24, 2024, BTCUSD is analyzed using the model:

  • Current Price: $51,538.50
  • Value Zone: Upper Boundary at $32,478.11 and Lower Boundary at $28,030.78
  • Market Structure: Bullish on the Monthly Timeframe

Given BTCUSD’s current price relative to the Value Zone and the bullish market structure, the GFAFVM suggests that BTCUSD is trading at a premium. This premium status is confirmed by the alignment of EMA groups in ascending order and corroborated by GMACD sentiment analysis.


The Global Financial Assets Fair Value Model (GFAFVM) by Dr. Glen Brown offers a nuanced and technically robust framework for assessing the fair value of financial assets. Through the case study of BTCUSD, the model proves its utility in discerning value in the complex fabric of global financial markets, providing investors and analysts with a powerful tool for informed decision-making.

About the Author: Dr. Glen Brown

Dr. Glen Brown is a renowned expert in the field of finance and trading, with a rich background in both academia and practical financial management. His pioneering work on the GFAFVM reflects his commitment to leveraging technology and technical analysis to enhance market analysis and trading efficiency.

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General Disclaimer

This document is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice, financial guidance, or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Trading involves significant risk, including the potential loss of capital. Conduct your own due diligence and consult with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.

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